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this was just brought up to my mind that CALIFORNIA IS CURRENTLY IN ONE OF ITS WORST DROUGHTS TO DATE. think about it, okay? now, we are all using gallons and gallons of water on this stupid challenge? i know it helps ALS but right now california cannot afford to lose any more water. unless, ya know, y’all wanna die of thirst.

I’m so afraid of losing those close to me

my friends
my family
all the people who i love
and even who i hate

I’m so afraid of losing all those people

that i don’t realize

i am losing…



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HI CHEYENNE CAN I JUST SAY YOU LOOK LIKE ALEXA DELLANOS IN YOUR PROFILE PICTURE AND I MEAN THAT IN A GOOD WAY LIKE 😍 ps this is @akeihani from twittah or @ishipcatt whichever you remember me by

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